College to Career Coaching Package


This year, more than 1.6 million students will graduate college with a bachelor’s degree. And, after spending tens of thousands of dollars on their education, many will find themselves absorbed into the workforce in a career field in no way related to their college major. These once-hopeful students will, more often than not, become discouraged and uncertain about their future. Some may spend years—many years—feeling unfulfilled in a career where their passions and purpose are unmet.

There is a better way. Tools are available to help students avoid this all too common predicament.



Give your students the upper hand with this kick-start career development package. Designed for incoming freshmen, regardless of college major selection.

Based on his recently published book College to Career: The Student Guide to Career and Life Navigation, accomplished human resources professional, author, and HR consultant Mark A.

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This book helps students to:

  • target the career ideally suited to their personality
  • define their unique voice
  • set up practical, actionable steps through each stage of college translate their education to a meaningful career

College-to-Career Coaching Package

  • One-hour Career Coaching One-on-One Session
  • Free copy The Student Guide to Career and Life Navigation
  • Full Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), interpreted
  • MBTI Narrative with Career Field Recommendations
  • MBTI Types Chart “Famous People”
  • MBTI “Most” chart identify students gifting toward action
  • Strength Finders Integration to Career Choice
  • 1/2-hour follow-up conversation any time during the following year

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