About Us

Job Shepherd was created by IHN HR (In HIS Name HR) to meet the rising need for a job-posting portal by its clients. In 2022, as we navigate out of the Covid-19 pandemic, Christian employers across the country are eager to fill many positions. In HIS Name HR is an outsourcing and consulting firm that helps leaders pilot the complex issues of managing human resources within their organizations. Our clients include Christian-owned for-profit companies, Christian colleges and universities, nonprofits, churches, and Christian camps.

Partner, Develop, and Prosper

We maintain three stages in our client relationships!


The first step in any relationship is getting to know one another. True partnership involves honesty and making oneself vulnerable, and in our case that includes an HR assessment designed to help us to help you. Our HR assessment sets the stage for the scope of work that, together, we agree needs to be completed.


We work with you to accomplish the tasks outlined in the HR assessment. Typically, we implement programs designed to generate immediate, positive financial impact to your organization, value that exceeds your investment. We provide a variety of services to our clients, including Recruitment, Organizational Development, Employee Relations, Compliance, and more.


Within weeks of our partnership, many organizations realize considerable gains in productivity, employee satisfaction, and reduction in hiring time. (One client, e.g., reduced hiring time by almost 50% and healthcare expenditures by more than $1 million, money that is now being used to grow their organization more effectively.)


Performance Management

Every client is different. Some may have the right programs in place but aren’t yet operating efficiently. Others might need programs to be implemented, requiring more effort. The scope of the work needed reflects each organization’s unique situation


At In HIS Name HR, we actively solve human resources problems for our clients every day. Within the realm of this problem solving, recruitment of top talent often becomes a reoccurring theme.  Learn More Here

Benefits Design

In HIS Name HR provides innovative and reliable health & benefits advice, strategic solutions, and a complete selection of a variety of brokerage options! We specialize in helping small and mid-sized employers achieve their fundamental health and benefit objectives — control cost, attract and retain the right employees, save time and money, and stay compliant with regulations.  Learn More Here

Organizational Development

Where are we going and why are we in this hand basket? This is an age-old question that seems to trouble many employers, large and small.  The hard truth is that many of us continue to do the same things over and over expecting different results. Isn’t it time you decide where your organization is going and how you might get there? Learn More Here

Policy Development

We help you create a HR department of business partners vs. non-value-added naysayers. We transform your HR department from an administrative burdensome framework to one that encourages employee engagement and drives business success. Learn More Here

HR Assessment

Our comprehensive human resources assessment provides tactical and strategic analysis of your workplace practices and HR programming effectiveness. With experiences at such eminent firms as Kodak Inc. PepsiCo, and Merck Inc., the experts at In HIS Name HR possess the necessary tools to ensure your maximum HR effectiveness. Learn More Here