Create and Retain High-Performing Sales Team’s Culture without Creating Competition

Introducing Arturo Del Rio Jr., a seasoned leader renowned for revolutionizing sales dynamics and cultivating thriving team cultures. Unlike the conventional belief that internal competition drives sales excellence, Arturo champions a different approach—one that nurtures collaboration over cutthroat competition.

With a remarkable track record steering sales teams at industry giants like Mass360 and Sungard Availability Services, Arturo’s expertise transcends traditional boundaries. His entrepreneurial ventures, including successful exits from application development and AI tech firms, underscore his innate knack for fostering innovation and driving tangible results.

In a recent triumph, Arturo helped launch Set-Aside Queen, catapulting it to a staggering $700k ARR within a mere six months. Now, as Partner and Chief Mission Outreach Officer at Pro-Life Payments, he continues his legacy of transformative leadership.

Tune in as Arturo shares his visionary insights with host Mark Griffin, unraveling the secrets to instilling motivation and unity within sales programming. Moreover, delve into the world of Pro-Life Payments—a trailblazing enterprise offering cutting-edge merchant services with a humanitarian twist.

Pro-Life Payments isn’t just about transactional excellence; it’s a beacon of purpose-driven commerce. From seamless payment processing to revolutionary Dual Discounting features, they empower merchants while championing life-saving initiatives. Their commitment to donating 15% of revenue to is a testament to their unwavering dedication to making a meaningful difference.

Join us in embracing a new era of business—one where profitability harmonizes with philanthropy. Experience the power of commerce to bless lives and transform communities. Learn More Here about Pro-Life Payments and embark on a journey where every transaction fuels hope and saves lives.


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Mark A. Griffin is president and founder of In HIS Name HR LLC. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter

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